“Home Of The Indians.”
Shawnee Mission North

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CLASSES 1962 & 2005



SEPTEMBER 17, 2004 1:30 P.M.

This memorial is a testimonial to the spirit and enthusiasm of a small group of approximately 750 souls who finished up their twealth year of formal education in the “hallowed halls” of Shawnee Mission North.  Some of us traveled together the full twelve year distance.  Others joined in a long way.  All of us bore witness to it became part of a very important period in history.  Some left home to fight in the distant war, only to return and find their lives transformed.  Some never returned at all.  Some bought their own battles here at home.  We have contributed to commerce, technology, arts and to our community.  We have explored and discovered new horizons.  We have known conquest and defeat, contentment and strife, and perhaps scariest moments of exhilarating ecstasy and devastating despair.  We have adapted and grown stronger and wiser through it all.  We have done the best we could possibly do.  And we are not finished.  The best is (always) yet to come.

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Daniel L Sherman (N)
Allen Herbert MacDonald (W)
Rex Lee Craig (N)
Jeffrey Clark McTeer (E)
Larry Wynn Petett (E)
Robert Oral Girdner (W)
Kurtis Noland Chapman (N)
Kurt Elton La Plant (W)
Dareld Norval Borders (N)
Charles Robert Bales (N)
Willis Albert Toomes (N)
James Gilbert Humphrey (N)
Robert Keith Merys (W)
Jon Patrick La France (N)
William Anderson Phalp, Jr (N)
William Wesley Schoth, II (N)
Charles Butner Walker , Jr (W)
Gary Ray Jackson (N)
Michael Lavern White (W)
Michael John Blanscett (N)
Frederick E. Huttie, III (E)
Dan L.F. Coombs, III (W)
Charles Lee Hoskins (N)
Jerry Wayne Kirkendoll (N)
Frederick John Sutter (E)
Gary Leslie Shank (W)
John Charles Williams (N)
Bay Benton Boothe (N)

Shawnee Mission North

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Shawnee Mission North

Vietnam Memorial

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